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Do you have to be a certain age to have dentures?

Dentures may evoke images of elderly people looking for alternatives to dentures. Is there a minimum age requirement for this method of replacing teeth? Who would profit from this procedure the most? Our dentists in North Vancouver explain.

Numerous individuals of all ages are missing some or all of their natural teeth due to a variety of causes. In this case, complete or partial dentures may be your best option. You will be relieved to learn that there are no age restrictions for determining whether you are a suitable candidate for dentures. We will examine some of the reasons why young people get dentures and what to expect.

Why would I need dentures at an early age? 

Dentures have gained popularity as tooth replacement options in recent decades for a variety of reasons. Others have poor oral health as a result of a poor diet or overindulging in sugar, while some people have lost their teeth due to illnesses.

Depending on their circumstances, requirements and individual assessment from their dentist, some patients will opt for dentures over dental implants, which can be more expensive. 

Are there any risks for dentures that I should beware of?

Patients with dentures may experience problems at any age, including those in their thirties, forties, and younger. Your dentist might suggest medication if your teeth are infected or decayed. In order to prevent bacteria from entering the bloodstream through the teeth and gums, antibiotics may be prescribed in this circumstance.

What should I know about getting dentures at an early age?

No matter your age, getting dentures is a significant procedure because tooth extraction is almost always required. The supporting bone structure of the face deteriorates over time, giving the face a "caved-in" appearance. This change can occur even in young children who are still losing their baby teeth. Dentures can prevent sallowness caused by tooth loss behind the cheek skin and keep the skin looking healthy. Smooth and well-supported cheek skin can further prolong a youthful appearance.

Regardless of your age, upper dentures should be easier to adjust to than lower dentures.

Dentures can improve oral health regardless of your age when you receive them. Dentures can make you appear younger, smile more alluringly, and speak more clearly. Additionally, eating may be more convenient.

Would you like to learn more about dentures and whether you would be a good candidate? Contact your dentist at Marine Dental Clinic today. 

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