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Endodontics (Root Canal)

Endodontics is also referred to as root canals. Our dentists in North Vancouver can clean, sterilize and permanently fill an infected tooth to relieve pain and preserve your natural tooth. 

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Root Canal at Marine Dental Clinic in North Vancouver

What is a Root Canal?

Root canals are restorative dental procedures in order to treat a tooth's pulp when it has become infected, relieving pain and preventing the spread of infection. 

Damaged or infected pulp will often be painful, cause swelling and create a sensation of heat in the surrounding gums. 

The Benefits of a Root Canal

Severe toothaches and other symptoms of serious infection can make eating or speaking a painful ordeal and lead to abscesses. Root canals can serve as an alternative to extraction or other more invasive procedures to treat infections of the tooth pulp. 

Your tooth may return to its normal painless function within quite a short time of the root canal.

If you are experiencing symptoms that could be caused by an infected tooth, contact our team at Marine Dental Clinic today.

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The Root Canal Procedure

Root canals are generally conducted over the course of two appointments. 

First Appointment

The dentist will create a tiny access hole in the top part of the tooth. Different files will be used to find the canals and sterilize the dead (necrotic) pulp tissue to rid the tooth of infection. 

A temporary filling is used to seal the top part of the tooth. Based on the extent of the infection, your dentist may provide you with antibiotics. 

Second Appointment

During your second appointment, the small access hole will be opened and your dentist will file and sterilize the tooth once more. The canals will be filled with special filling material to replace the nerve in your tooth. 

A permanent filling will then be used to fill the access hole and seal your tooth, making it appear uniformly natural going forward. 

Endodontic Specialists For North Vancouver Patients

When specialized care is required, we refer patients to DMD Endodontics & Microsurgery in Langley and Surrey  for root canal therapy and advanced endodontic treatment. 

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