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Children's Dental Services

Children in the North Vancouver area need comprehensive dental care just as much as their parents in order to keep their smiles healthy. From the moment your child's first tooth appears, we are here to help.

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Children's Dental Services at Marine Dental Clinic in North Vancouver

When should my child visit the dentist?

While they are between the ages of 21 months and 3 years old, 10 upper and 10 lower primary teeth will erupt in your child's mouth.

We advise that they visit their dentist for the first time just as their teeth begin to appear in their mouth.

The earlier your child begins to visit the dentist, the easier they will be able to understand and become used to the routine. 

During your child's first visit with us, we are able to examine their mouth for any emerging health issues, diagnose them, and then provide a plan for monitoring and treatment going forward.

Then, just like adults, kids should come in for a professional dental exam and cleaning every 6 months.

Every mouth we see is unique! This means that some children may need to visit us more frequently than others if they have oral health issues that require monitoring or treatment. 

SmileTown Burnaby, Braces Near North Vancouver

Pediatric Dentistry for North Vancouver Kids

SmileTown Burnaby provides pediatric dentistry for children near North Vancouver that need extra special attention.

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Dental Services for Children

When children receive routinely scheduled professional cleanings and exams, it can help them get used to caring for their smiles as they grow up.

 At Marine Dental Clinic, we provide preventive services that can be combined to form the foundations of your child's continuing dental health: 

  • Regular cleanings and examinations
  • Advice for children's dental hygiene routines
  • Protective sealants
  • Fluoride treatments

Preventive Care for Kids

Tooth decay can become an issue from the moment your child's teeth start to erupt through the gums.

For younger patients, we start by focusing on preventing decay and cavities. In addition to professional cleanings, we will walk our young patients through proper at-home oral hygiene care.

Brushing & Flossing

Similar to adult teeth, baby teeth need to be brushed twice each day. Start by brushing your infant's baby teeth as soon as they begin to emerge. 

You should also floss your child's baby teeth once per day as soon as they have two teeth side by side. 

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New Patients Welcome

Our dental team at Marine Dental Clinic is passionate about welcoming patients both new and old to our dental office for care that is designed to meet their needs. Get in touch with us to book your next appointment.

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