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What happens if I get off track with my Invisalign treatment?

In order for your orthodontic treatment to be successful with clear aligners, you will be required to wear them for 22 hours a day. Today, our North Vancouver dentists talk about what happens if you don't wear your Invisalign clear aligners as often as needed and what you can do if you get off track during treatment.

Invisalign Clear Aligners For Orthodontic Treatment

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment method that is commonly used to alter the appearance of the teeth of teens and young adults. The major appeal of Invisalign is how these clear aligners can fit into your lifestyle—they are discreet and can be removed for eating, drinking, and playing sports. However, it is imperative that you wear your Invisalign clear aligners for no less than 22 hours a day throughout treatment in order to have the desired results.

What To Expect If You Get Off Track With Invisalign Clear Aligners

If you aren't wearing your Invisalign clear aligners for the required amount of time, you may notice that your aligners aren't fitting as well as they should or that there are gaps between your teeth and the aligners.

The intended wear time for each custom Invisalign tray set is 22 hours a day for two weeks. Your teeth will move more slowly and are less likely to keep up with the course of your treatment if you do not wear your aligners on a regular basis.

What You Can Do If You Get Off Track

Life happens and sometimes you can get off track with your Invisalign treatment, here are some of the easy ways that you can help get yourself back on schedule: 

Update your dentist as soon as you are off track with treatment

Make an appointment to talk about your treatment options with your veterinarian if you believe that you are not following your prescribed course of action. Your dentist can evaluate your condition and provide you with advice on when to start your treatment again.

Ask if you can return to your previous set of Invisalign clear aligners

It might be suggested that before starting the treatment as scheduled, you go back to your old clear aligners. This keeps your teeth in their proper position so that your treatment can go more smoothly when you get your new set. You can ask your dentist for advice on which set to wear and for how long.

Work with your dentist to ensure treatment success

To help you get back on track, your dentist might need to make a new set of aligners and modify your treatment plan if your old sets of aligners no longer fit correctly. The likelihood that you will need significant changes to your treatment plan decreases with the earlier you visit your dentist.

In order to make the most of your treatment and help it succeed you should keep your dentists up to date and continue working with them throughout treatment.

Have you been less than consistent with your Invisalign treatment? Contact our North Vancouver dentists to schedule a visit today to help get you back on track.

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